Confidentiality Policy

It is the policy of Quad County Support Services that all information involving consumers supported by the Association or any business of the Association shall be kept in the strictest of confidence at all times. All employees, Board of Directors, Committee Members, Volunteers and individuals on placement must sign a Pledge of Confidentiality.


Every person has a basic right to privacy. This right refers to written and verbal information given freely by an employee or consumer. Such information would not be shared except where joint goals for a consumer are appropriate among programs. Records may be removed from the agencies’ jurisdiction and safe keeping only in accordance with a court order, subpoena or statute.


  1. Any information relating to a consumer can only be accessed with the knowledge and understanding of the person and an Authorization for Release and Exchange of Information form must be signed by the person/parent (if under age 18)/legal guardian.
  2. In the event of an emergency concerning safety, health issues of a consumer or police involvement, information may be released without a signed Authorization for Release and Exchange of Information form.
  3. Under no other circumstances will information be released.
  4. Any alleged breach of the confidentiality policy shall be reported to the Executive Director for review. Once the findings of the review are complete, disciplinary action may be taken with a possibility of termination of employment.