Sanitation Worker- Day shift

Hollandia Bakeries


Job Description:

  • Responsible for cleaning and maintaining the Hollandia Bakeries Ltd. site in a manner that prevents contamination of the food products by physical, chemical and biological contaminants
    Completion of all daily cleaning activities per “Production Area Sanitation Forms”
    Completion of all other cleaning activities per “Non-Production Area Sanitation Forms” as required by the SQF program
  • Completion of the “Master Sanitation Forms” in accordance with the given timelines
    Clean and sanitize all production equipment and containers per SSOP (i.e., dough bins, dies, pails, egg wash, jelly topper, utensils and other production equipment)
  • Clean and sanitize the entire mixing room area eliminating food spills and any food debris around the equipment
  • Clean, sanitize and organize men’s changeroom and washroom
  • Maintain clean and orderly work areas: wash bay, storage rooms, oven room, mixing room, pole barn, coolers, tractor bay and compressor room
  • Sanitize doorknobs and replenish soap and paper towel
  • Ensure proper procedures and chemicals (where applicable) are used for cleaning and sanitizing
    Perform sanitizer concentration checks using test strips
  • Vacuum/ dry clean bulk silo room, top of silos, filter box, walls & I-beams
  • Receive bulk flour and sugar ingredients and document seals and truck info on the receiving log
  • Monitor work areas for pest issues and report deviations to General Manager and SQF Practitioner
  • Complete mouse traps inspection and ensure all traps are accessible for pest control services
  • Handle and sort recycling material and food waste
  • Operate the cardboard baler, secure remove & stack bales
  • Check, monitor, and clear emergency entrances
  • Clean and maintain the ice box
  • Ingredients receiving and proper storage following FIFO rule
  • Communicate the ingredients lot numbers to mixing crew
  • Clean and sanitize all drains on the site and document on the “Drains Cleaning Check List”
  • Participate in Health & Safety and Food Safety inspections and report any concerns to General Manager and SQF Practitioner

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