Youth Job Connection

Program Overview

The Youth Job Connection program offers professional job readiness and search support to young people age 15 to 29 who are experiencing personal challenges that present barriers to securing and retaining employment. Community Employment Choices is committed to assisting youth to define and achieve their goals for obtaining long-term employment and a meaningful career.

Youth Job Connection participants will engage in at least 60 hours of mandatory paid pre-employment training activities over a 4 week period.

Upon successful completion of pre-employment, all youth participants are required to complete a short term job placement. CEC Employment Advisors will work closely with youth participants and qualified employers to find a suitable match and placement. Employment Advisors will provide ongoing support to candidates during the placement period, as well as offer continuous support to employers to ensure overall success.

Employer placement incentives are provided during the job placement to offset costs of temporary reduction in productivity, increased supervision requirements, and other expenses resulting from the placement.

Ideal employer participants will:

  • Offer a suitable full or part-time job opportunity that supports the youth participant’s identified goal
  • Offer opportunities for on-the-job training
  • Contribute to costs associated with job-specific training or wages
  • Express interest in maintaining the employment of the participant after the placement ends

Eligible employers must:

  • Offer a placement opportunity that is at least 20 hours a week with 30 + hours being preferable
  • Be licensed to operate in Ontario
  • Comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act
  • Maintain appropriate Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or private workplace safety insurance coverage
  • Have adequate third party general liability insurance
  • Comply with all applicable federal and provincial human rights and labour legislation, regulations, and any other relevant standards
  • Provide the job placement in Ontario

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For more information on Youth Job Connection and other youth and student employment programs, visit the Employment Ontario web site.




This Employment Ontario service is funded

by the Government of Ontario.